Crazy Accurate Predictions for SummerSlam

The next big show for WWE (not counting Money in the Bank) is Summerslam. With Wrestlemania freshly over, here are some way too early predictions for the biggest party of the summer!

Summerslam often serves as the “Anti-Wrestlemania” from a storyline perspective. Instead of the good guy prevailing, in the last few years there’s been an abrupt switch or shock that has set the tone for a new chapter:

2013 saw Daniel Bryan beat John Cena only to get screwed out of the title and begin his 8-month feud against Triple H and the Authority.

2014 was teased as an epic rematch between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. Instead Lesnar shocked the world by utterly destroying Cena to capture the Title and begin his near year-long reign of destruction and dominance.

2015 saw Brock in the main event again, being cheating out of a victory by a desperate Undertaker

And last year the Beast again reigned supreme. Destroying Randy Orton so badly that Chris Jericho thought it was a “shoot” and tried to confront Lesar about it back stage.

With all that in mind, where is what we’re thinking about SummerSlam 2017.

  • Brock vs Kevin Owens: KO is due a rematch for his title, and assuming Brock keeps it for the next few months, it only makes sense that Kevin and the Beast have a tangle that will make everyone’s mouth’s water. Brock has headlined 4 of the last 5 SummerSlams and looks to continue that tradition this year.

  • Wyatt family triple threat: Luke Harper has already broken free of the bounds of Wyatt, Erick Rowan is next. We’ve already had Shield triple threats, it is time for the next big trio to get their turn.
  • AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura: The instant classic from New Japan will surely be re-created in WWE. Arguably the two best wrestlers in the world could wrestle again at any time. The weird thing is this match probably won’t be the main event, but it would steal the show.

  • Finn vs Triple H: Trips will try to welcome Finn back as one of his “his” guys, but the Demon King will have none of it. Both master mind-gamers will have a fun time trying to out-think eachother.
  • Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns: WHO IS THE TRUE KING OF THE SAMOANS!? Also a great opportunity for Vince to anger the “smart” fans again.
  • Bayley vs Sasha for the Raw Women’s Title: The Boss finally goes bad. Sasha’s heel run against Bayley helped create the two classic matches that made them stars. A re-match in Brooklyn would have the beginnings of another instant classic.

The chances that any of these will actually happen is zero. The most likely match is Sasha-Bayley. Other than that, the “Shake-Up” will change the landscape of rosters so much that most of these matches won’t be possible.

Do you have any super-early Summerslam Predictions? Share them!