Hollywood leftists have tried to bully conservative artists into silence. But, Joy Villa’s brave act of wearing a Trump dress to the 2017 Grammys has given another artist the confidence to come out of the conservative Hollywood closet!

It is hard being a conservative in Hollywood. Some feel they have to keep their political beliefs in the closet because there is serious discrimination aimed at conservatives in the entertainment industry. The awards shows highlight how overwhelmingly liberal and judgmental Hollywood is. But, thanks to some brave and vocal young entertainers, that may be changing!

Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones took to Facebook to thank Joy Villa and dress designer Andrew Soriano for giving her some cover and courage to step out as a Trump supporter in radically liberal Hollywood.

For an industry that promotes tolerance, Hollywood isn’t very tolerant of those with differing points of view. Entertainers who expresses their conservative viewpoints is often ridiculed, targeted. Sometimes they even face being blacklisted out of work opportunies.

Joy Villa’s confidence when she revealed her dress at the Grammys is rather inspiring. She wasn’t about to let anyone rain on her parade. She wanted to be a loud and proud Trump supporter. It’s hard to imagine a more liberal crowd than the crowd at the Grammys. She walked right into the leftwing lion’s den wearing a Make America Great Again Trump dress. She turned heads for all the right reasons. She looked amazing! You can see video of her dress debut below.


It’s great that these women are finding the courage to speak up. They do face possible blacklisting. Joy Villa spoke out about the political bullying, so this should not be surprising. Hopefully¬†this gives others the courage to speak their minds now.

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H/T: Truthfeed

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