Joy Villa

In a super-charged political night at the Grammys, the clear winner was Joy Villa. The singer made a brave and bold fashion move by wearing a Trump dress.

Joy lit up social media with her dress. She gained over 30,000 new Twitter followers. She really elevated her star with her fashion choice. She must have felt like she was walking into the lion’s den when she took her seat in the middle of all those Hollywood leftists!

She was on fire! Not only was that dress a stylish political statement, but she looked absolutely amazing in it! Check out her strutting her stuff in the video below.


But, there’s more to the story. The dress was designed by gay, Pro-Trump immigrant Andre Soriano.

Soriano is proud to be a Trump supporter. He tweeted and retweeted about the President and this beautiful dress all night. He made it clear that he owed some of the inspiration to Madonna who threatened to blow up the White House at the Women’s March. He wanted to respond to that nonsense.

The risk of wearing that dress at such a high profile liberal event really paid off for Joy. According to Gateway Pundit, her sales skyrocketed on Amazon, even surpassing Beyonce and Lady Gaga!

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