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Variety Magazine has a special Inauguration edition out. In typical Hollywood fashion, the cover is adorned with five far left Trump haters.

The irony, of course, is that Hollywood types loved Trump before he became a Republican.  Nobody objected to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame until he ran for president.

Brandon Victor Dixon, Michael Moore, Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler and CNN’s Van Jones grace the cover of the magazine saluting the Inauguration. Dixon, was the Hamilton actor who dressed down Mike Pence when the Vice-President-elect attended the Broadway show. In true disrespectful liberal fashion, these fools have the flag hitting the floor.

Moore is well-known for attempting to roadblock Republicans at every opportunity. He’s currently promoting DisruptJ20 which is seeking to use butyric acid at the Inauguration.

Moore also went to Trump Tower days after the election demanding an appointment with the President-elect. Apparently, he thinks of himself as such an important person that he can just show up and get an appointment. You can see the spectacle in the video below.

These Hollywood types are beside themselves with this Inauguration. I can’t imagine how busy therapists in LA are with all these actors likely needing professional counseling to deal with this.

Americans have spoken. Donald Trump is the 45th president, despite what people like Michael Moore wanted. This magazine cover is simply the latest way that Hollywood looks down on Middle America.

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