Bob thought he was a goner. The Northern Michigan man went outside in just in slippers, long johns, and a t-shirt to get some firewood on New Year’s Eve. He wasn’t expecting to be outside for long, but he slipped and fell, breaking his neck.

His neighbors couldn’t hear his pleas for help as the closest one lived a quarter of a mile away. But, someone did hear him. His dog, Kelsey, came running when she heard his cries. She stayed with him for 20 hours, keeping him warm and barking to alert anyone for help. She also licked his face to keep him alert.

In the video below, you can see pictures of both Bob and his four-legged hero.

Dogs are so incredibly loyal. They really are amazing animals and never cease to surprise me. Can you imagine a dog barking for 20 hours, tending only to Bob and not to herself? What a hero!

Bob is in physical therapy at the hospital to help overcome his injuries.

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