Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboy Ezekiel Elliott gave football fans a reason to watch the NFL again. While Colin Kaepernick continues his campaign against the National Anthem and our country, Elliott did something bold in the face of political correctness and the threat of being fined.

After scoring a touchdown, the running back jumped into the large Salvation Army kettle sitting on the sidelines.

Elliott was facing a fine from the NFL for celebrating with a prop, but this good man said he would match any fine with a donation to the Salvation Army.

This fun gesture has done a world of good. It brought a lot of publicity to the charitable works of the Salvation Army and immediately got online donations to increase!

Not everyone is thrilled with the good will. The Salvation Army is a Christian organization. This obviously makes them a target of liberal activists. When leftist ESPN sports reporter Darren Rovel took issue with the Salvation Army tweeting the picture and video of Elliott jumping in the kettle, they replied to him outing his hypocrisy rather than cowering in the corner out of fear.

Ultimately, the NFL decided against fining the running back. That was a wise move on their part. NFL ratings have been down in light of the Kaepernick protests. If they have fined someone for helping raise money to provide shelter and food for the hungry, it would have made the NFL’s situation even worse!

Even though he wasn’t fined, Elliott still made that donation to the Salvation Army. This man is certainly not a spoiled athlete! He’s helping to feed the hungry!

The video below explains some of the work the Salvation Army will do with these donations. Ezekiel Elliott’s mother also speaks about her son’s character and why he risked getting fined to bring attention to the Salvation Army.

What a fun way to bring attention to a terrific organization! Bell ringers who help fundraise for the Salvation Army just got a big boost from a star athlete!

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