Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick isn’t having a good month. People are losing patience with the failing quarterback’s protest against the National Anthem and his hypocrisy.

After he took a beating because he didn’t even bother to vote, Kaepernick is facing another backlash after praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro before the despot’s death. As karma would have it, Kaepernick’s 49ers played in Miami two days after Castro’s death and the game had a very poetic ending with the karma train running right over Kaepernick.

This latest controversy started on Wednesday in a conference call with  the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero, who is Cuban-American. Kaepernick praised Castro. Salguero wrote a blistering column calling the 49ers quarterback a “hypocrite.”

As luck would have it, Castro died two days before the game, adding fuel to the fire Kaepernick faced as he headed to Miami. He was greeted with boos from the crowd as he entered the stadium.


Fate stepped in when a Cuban-American had the game ending tackle on Kaepernick who was just shy of the end zone.

Reaction was not kind to Kaepernick’s embrace of the Cuban dictator who killed tens of thousands. As you can see in the video below, Kaepernick attempted to retreat from his praise of the tyrant, but he just continued further stepping in it.

Karma always seems to catch up with people. Kaepernick got served up some over Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully his failing career ends soon and he is cut from the NFL for poor performance. Then he will lose his platform for spewing anti-American rhetoric!

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