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Donald Trump Issues Message for the People of Tennessee

This is how a President acts!

The people of Tennessee are under siege by numerous wildfires throughout the state.

The entire city of Gatlinburg had to be evacuated as the wildfire ravaged the town destroying more than 150 homes and businesses and displacing over 14,000 residents.

Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller noted, “This is a fire for the history books. The likes of this has never been seen here. But the worst is definitely over with.”

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter this afternoon to give a message to the residents of Tennessee. He let them know he is aware of their situation and if keeping them in his thoughts and prayers.

This is just another example of Mr. Trump’s presidential behavior as he acknowledges the suffering and devastation of the American people.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Trump and his family don’t begin aiding in relief efforts as we saw them do in Louisiana and North Carolina after flooding ravaged those states over the summer.

City officials give an update on the extent of the damage the wildfires have done.

Like Mr. Trump, we are praying for the people of Tennessee!

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