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“I don’t get no respect” was stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s signature phrase and many of us could relate to this. His self-deprecating humor made him the butt of all his jokes. This classic comedy video of Rodney Dangerfield is one of the best of all time.

We all could identify with someone who didn’t get respect and that’s why he was so funny. His career spanned decades because of this.

 Rodney Dangerfield: “I Don’t Get No Respect!”

Jack Roy, aka Dangerfield, struggled for years trying to survive as an entertainer. He even was an acrobatic diver for a while!

Dangerfield didn’t get his big break until he was a last minute stand-in in 1967 on the Ed Sullivan Show. He made the most of it and the crowd loved him immediately!

You can watch one of Rodney Dangerfield’s classic routines from 1978 in the video below. Be prepared to laugh!

The orchestra was a funny touch! It’s hard for the musicians to keep a straight face.

Classic Comedy, Classic Dangerfield

Gosh, was Rodney Dangerfield ever funny! The man was so funny he had Johnny Carson in tears.

Nobody else has been able to match his style of humor. Nobody respected him in his films and that’s why we all loved him.

We’ve all dealt with people who didn’t respect us. Rodney didn’t care. He turned it into a schtick that defined his career. He certainly didn’t take himself too seriously, but he did make us all laugh for decades! 

He died in 2004, but he’s still a household name because his comedy is timeless!

Of course, Dangerfield is well known for being in Caddyshack, but Back To School is another one of his movies that has achieved a cult following. 

In this movie, he was a very untraditional student. Not only was he much older than his classmates, but he was incredibly politically incorrect too. He wasn’t afraid to speak up in class. 

His economics professor didn’t seem to have any real-world knowledge in business, so Rodney set him straight and explained that the rest of us didn’t live in the Professor’s “Fantasyland.”

You can watch that hilarious video by clicking here!

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