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It is a very tough time to be a police officer. They are under attack by leftists on multiple fronts. But, one Ohio cop owes his life to a civilian with a concealed handgun license.

Cpl. Michael Wheeler was being attacked by a homeless man who was strung out on drugs specifically meth. The thug had pinned Wheeler to the ground and was grabbing for his gun. Wheeler’s microphone was ripped off in the struggle so he couldn’t call for backup. But, it came anyone.

Wheeler pulled the perp close to him to restrict the man’s range of motion to try to get him from grabbing the gun. Suddenly, the man backed up and raised his hands. Wheeler was shocked to look up and see¬†Dylan DeBoard with a drawn gun.

DeBoard announced that he has a concealed handgun license. The announcement started the drug addict and gave Wheeler an opportunity to subdue the thug and place him in handcuffs.

As you can see in the video below, Wheeler is incredibly grateful to DeBoard for being there and being prepared.

This is a story that should be spread everywhere. We should have our cop’s backs. While the media likes to portray concealed handgun license holders as bloody thirsty gun nuts, we are known to actually save people!

The national media won’t tell this story, so please share it to get the word out!

H/T: Inside Edition

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