Allen Thorwell

Allen Thornwell lowered the American flag to half staff on Memorial Day at the Charlotte Time Warner building he worked at. The Marine veteran understands the significance of the flag being lowered on this holiday as we honor those who lose their lives defending our freedoms.

But, the cable giant responded by firing Thornwell. Yes, they fired a veteran for lowering the flag on Memorial Day! It isn’t even controversial to lower the flag on the holiday, but apparently any display of patriotism or honor at Time Warner will cost you your job!

Watch this video. It’s unbelievable!

I have Time Warner Cable, but I think they just lost my business. If they think so poorly of our fallen soldiers and our veterans like Thornwell, they don’t deserve my money!

When did being a respectable American mean that you could lose your job?

Please share this to let everyone know about this company’s discriminatory practices towards veterans!

H/T: Fox News

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