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Two parents who took their one-year-old son to the zoo probably got more than what they were expecting.

When little Trent was watching the lions, a 400-pound lioness named Annie repeatedly tried to eat the child. Thankfully, there was protective glass, but it’s a little alarming to see how persistent Annie was.

Check out the video below. I probably would have freaked and removed my child immediately! Even if my baby was safely behind glass, I couldn’t stand to watch a wild animal trying to eat him for a snack!

And here’s a longer version:

From Rumble:

Every kid wants to go to the zoo. Having the opportunity to see all those animals up close and personal, but without the fear of actually getting attacked by one can be very educational. Even as adults, this simple pleasure has not changed.

Some exhibits allow visitors to interact with the animals though glass panes, especially with the apes, orangutans and big cats. Many zoo park visitors have professed that they have experienced some truly profound moments at those enclosures.

But watch what happens when this mom placed her baby in front of the lion enclosure. One of the lionesses approached the glass pane and looked intriguingly at the child, as if to sniff it out, but all of the sudden she opened her huge jaws and tried to snap it up! Whoa!

We cannot be sure whether she thought it as one of her young, seeing how it is dressed in a fluffy outfit, or maybe she wants to play with the tiny thing, but one thing is for sure – we are glad that there was several inches of glass between them. The mother giggles with excitement, probably because she feels safe with her child on this side of the enclosure.

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