Second Amendment

A post from a Colorado radio station, 98.9 posted, is quickly traveling across Facebook. They reposted this image of a man open carrying in a restaurant from several years ago to get more opinions.

Open Carry

“If you were in a public place, would you feel comfortable with this sitting 10 feet away from your children? ‪#‎MagicMornings‬”

The radio station posted it in seemingly inflammatory manner using language to encourage people to support gun control. But, the comments are the complete opposite of that intent. There are over 118k comments on the original post and most of the comments are completely pro Second Amendment.

Here are a handful of the comments:

  • Absolutely, plus my children will be well educated on firearms so there is no reason to fear someone who is open carrying legally.
  • No, that would make me uncomfortable. If I saw someone sneaking pics of a stranger in public i would think it was creepy and cowardly. Definitely wouldn’t want them around my kids. The guy with the gun, however, doesn’t bother me at all. Chances are if trouble came through the door, he’ll be the first one to react. Probably give me a couple extra seconds to cover my kids and access my own concealed weapon. It would definitely give you time to hide under the table and wet your pants while you wait 3-5 minutes or longer for law enforcement to arrive. If someone taking responsibility for their own safety makes you uncomfortable, the problem is you not them.
  • I would be more concerned about the bad guys in the restaurant with their weapon concealed. At least you know who the good guys are in this case. If it were legal where I live, I would open carry every day. Would rather be ridiculed by the ignorant than be a statistic. But don’t worry, I’ll protect the ignorant too,,, if need be.
  • Safest place in the restaurant…right beside this guy!
  • Would I feel more comfortable knowing there is someone close buy that could potentially save my life in case of any number of scenarios you can think of? You bet your ass I would!

Gun grabbers are put on notice! Americans support our right to bear arms!

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