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A Dallas store owner was under siege when two masked gunmen entered his store. One held his wife at gun point as the other demanded cash.

Bunthan Te wasn’t having any of it. He pulled out his gun and got into a shootout. One of the thugs died on the sidewalk. Police believe there was a third man. So, two of them escaped Shop-N-Go with their lives.

Te’s gun originally jammed, but he recovered and fired upon the gunman. Thankfully, Te had his sidearm nearby. The Cambodian immigrant said he doesn’t like guns but he finds them necessary for self defense. “That’s why I shoot. To protect her. To protect my family,” he said.

The Second Amendment is something Americans take seriously. We have a right to defend ourselves and we aren’t about to let liberals grab our guns, allowing us to be soft targets.

Te isn’t the only person who shot a thug in a store recently. A Seattle area man shot and killed an axe-wielding man in a 7-Eleven. Thankfully, the man was there at the right time and had a concealed handgun license.

Do you have a concealed handgun license? Would you be prepared in an armed robbery? Please share your thoughts!


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