Candace Cameron Bure is the voice of reason on The View. She is the sole conservative on the panel of far left ladies. The Full House star isn’t afraid to speak up for her faith or conservative principles as her co-hosts try to run their agenda.

The University of Texas is allowing guns to be carried on campus starting on Wednesday. A state law is allowing students and others to exercise their rights. This was discussed on The View and Cameron spoke in favor of the Second Amendment.

“I’m okay with it. The reason being is so many of the gun free zones are the places that get attacked. And you do wonder if somebody was armed could less people have been killed in these mass shootings.

Also, we have to remember that these ‘children,’ they’re actually adults because they have to be 21 years old to be armed, they are concealed weapons. They have to go through the background checks; they have to go through the gun safety to be able to carry them. So this isn’t an 18 year old out of the gate.”



Joy Behar said she didn’t like this change, as a student might bring a gun to a class to shoot a teacher who gave the student an F.

But, what she failed to understand is that criminals or people with ill intent are going to bring a gun even if they aren’t allowed to, because criminals don’t obey the law. Concealed carry laws simply allow law abiding people to defend themselves.

Maybe the leftists on The View should watch the video below to learn more about the law.


Do you think people should be allowed to carry handguns on campuses? Please join the discussion.

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