Jane Fonda pushes climate change on TikTok

We are in the midst of a pandemic that has killed tens of thousands of Americans throughout the country, but this has not stopped Hollywood star Jane Fonda from continuing to push her radical climate change agenda as she enjoys life hiding away in her lavish mansion. This week, the octogenarian thought it’d be cool to join in on a young person’s game: TikTok. Jane Fonda’s TikTok video below is certainly not on of her prouder moments.

Jane Fonda’s Pushes Climate Change In New TikTok Video

Daily Mail reported that Fonda, 82, put her own spin on the viral TikTok 9 to 5 trend on Tuesday, using it to shove her activism down viewers’ throats once again. 

In the video, Fonda began her day by jumping out of bed with her small white dog and making herself a cup of coffee in a mug that had her 1970 mug shot displayed on it. 

“Mug shot makes a good mug shot,” the caption reads, showing that she has no shame of being arrested for her activism. 

After coffee comes Fonda’s exercises, which she says she did “in jail.” Fonda then sat down to read the newspaper, noting, “Wow, climate is a s***show! Let’s get to work!”

It turns out that for Fonda, “getting to work” means having a Zoom meeting with Greenpeace and the Fire Drill Fridays team.

During the meeting, Fonda can be seen enjoying a supersized martini like the true elitist that she is.

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” she wrote during the meeting.

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Jane Fonda ‘Passes Out’ While Drinking Martini

By 5:01, Fonda had passed out at her desk with the caption “Work hard, play hard” displayed on the TikTok.

The camera zooms in on her computer, which has the words “Our house is on fire. Join us in the streets” displayed on it.

“Lots of amazing young people working beyond 9-5 to save the climate. I joined them & so can you!” Fonda captioned the TikTok, also tagging “#earthday,” “#9to5,” and “#FireDrillFriday.”

Throughout the TikTok video, the Dolly Parton song “9 To 5” can be heard playing, a throwback to the 1980 movie that Fonda starred in with the country music singer.

Fonda Spins Coronavirus As Being Good For Climate Change

Climate change has been Fonda’s latest obsession, and she has been launching weekly protests about it every Friday that have resulted in her being arrested multiple times in the past few months.

She has even tried to spin the coronavirus pandemic as a positive thing, saying it is a “teachable moment” about climate change.

“Now this pandemic is causing terrible suffering and changing what we can do in this time of social distancing,” she recently wrote in an article for People. “But it’s also an important teachable moment for the other pandemic that confronts us: the climate crisis.”

“COVID-19 is teaching us how dangerous denial is and how important science and preparedness is. It’s also proving that we are able to take massive collective action when the stakes are high,” she added. “Clearly we are capable of fundamentally changing our behavior to protect the health and safety of our families. We’re also seeing how nature can heal when we take action.”

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Her Activism Is Old News 

Fonda has been known for her crazy activism for years, going back to the days when she earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane” during the Vietnam War.

Back then, she had no problem siding with a foreign enemy that had killed thousands of Americans, so it should come as no surprise that she thinks a pandemic that has also killed thousands could be a good thing for her agenda. Fonda is now targeting a captive and much younger audience.

One would think Jane Fonda would have grown out of this nonsense by the time she reached her 80s, but I guess not. It really is true that some things never change!