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weather man rant
April 17, 2018
Spring has been slow to start across the country this year, and people are sick of it. But Michigan meteorologist Garry Frank is sick of people complaining about his forecasts.
Joel Taylor
January 24, 2018
Storm Chaser Joel Taylor is dead at the age of 38. It is not known how Taylor died, but it was not storm-related. He was joined Storm Chasers cast in 2008 and remained on the Discovery Channel show for its five seasons.
January 8, 2018
A Boston street freezes as a massive winter storm recently ripped through the Northeast and caused major chaos and disrupted
Hurricane Maria North Carolina
September 25, 2017
After causing massive destruction in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria is heading north, bringing storm and surge watches for parts of North Carolina up to the
hurricane irma
September 8, 2017
Hurricane Irma is set to hit Florida in the next several days, and based on current models, it is one of the largest Atlantic Ocean storms in recorded
September 6, 2017
Hurricane Irma continues to gain strength as it makes its way up through the Caribbean Sea. The hurricane, which is officially a Category 5 storm, is being
Hurricane Irma
September 5, 2017
Hurricane Irma, which was just upgraded to an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 storm, is barreling towards the Southeast, causing Florida, Puerto Rico,
August 29, 2017
A man spotted a toddler walking down the street alone during Hurricane Harvey. Rather than just stop and leave the girl, the man
Hurricane Harvey
August 25, 2017
Hurricane Harvey has become a Category 2 storm as it barrels towards the Texas coast. Officials are warning people to “Get out now,” as massive flooding
Hurricane Harvey
August 24, 2017
Hurricane Harvey is consuming parts of the Gulf of Mexico and barreling towards Texas. It is projected to make landfall in Corpus Christi on Friday or
beach invaded by cloud
August 8, 2017
A massive cloud engulfed an entire beach in Santa Cruz, California over the weekend, and thankfully the entire incident was captured on camera
July 10, 2017
Wildfires are roaring across much of California, forcing thousands of local residents to evacuate their homes as America’s most populated state continues