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Woman Coma
July 19, 2022
A woman spent two years in a coma following a brutal attack. With no leads her case ran cold. And then she woke up
Alex Murdaugh
July 13, 2022
Alex Murdaugh, a wealthy lawyer at the center of embezzlement, fraud, and mysterious deaths, is set to be charged with murder of his son and wife.
best true crime on netflix
April 29, 2022
There are a lot of popular Netflix true crime documentaries. But here are a few true crime docs that probably flew under your radar
Taylor Schabusiness
April 14, 2022
Taylor Schabusiness, a woman accused of killing and decapitating a man in a meth-filled binge was in court this week.
Robert Durst
January 10, 2022
Robert Durst, whose connection to three mysterious deaths helped spark the true crime wave, has passed away at 78
Grim Sleeper
September 17, 2021
I stumbled across one macabre couple in the UK who aren’t traveling around in a van or dubbed the Grim Sleeper
womans remains discovered 1966
April 5, 2018
Human remains discovered buried underneath a home on New York’s Long Island last month have been identified as Louise Pietrewicz, who went missing in October 1966 at age 38.