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Who doesn’t love a good true crime documentary? Facts are always stranger than fiction, and we can’t get enough of stories of the sickest and weirdest people and their bizarre crimes. Despite losing a lot of viewers, Netflix is the undisputed king of the true-crime doc. But Forget Tiger King or Making A Murderer. Everyone has watched those. These are the Netflix true-crime documentaries you probably missed that are worthy of your attention. 

Best Netflix True Crime Documentaries You Need To Watch

There are so many fun options for true crime fanatics who want to dive into some of the deep depravity from serial killers to the mob. Here are our picks for the best true crime on Netflix.

Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer

Richard Ramirez was one of California’s most notorious serial criminals. From Spring 1984 to Summer 1895, the “Night Stalker” terrorized California with a string of murders and robberies. The Hunt for a Serial Killer tells a story with interviews, archive footage, and reenactments of a man who helped an entire state in a state of terror.

Worst Roommate Ever 

A series documenting some people who you’d never want to live with. The series dives into people who move into your house and then try to kill you. 

All of the stories are wild, but the craziest story is the one of Dorthea Puente, aka the Deathouse Land Lady, Dorothea Puente.

Another odd fact? Someone currently lives in the house where Puente murdered seven people to scam their Social Security checks.


With Russia in the news, it’s as good a time as ever to watch the story that exposed the largest cheating operation in sports history. The Oscar Winnings Icarus begins as an amateur cyclist experimenting with PEDs to become a better competitor.

The story takes a wild turn as the documentarian interviews Russia’s top doping scientist and inadvertently stumbles upon Russia doping their way to gold medals at the Sochi Winter Olympics. 

Fear City: New York City Vs. The Mob

The Mob ran New York City in the 1970s and 80s. It wasn’t until a multi-department task force worked together to take down the mob. Using archival footage, interviews, and law enforcement recordings, it tells the story of how cops took down the Mafia in New York and destroyed the Five Families. 

Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story

Jimmy Saville isn’t a name well-known in America. But in the UK, Saville was one of the most famous faces. Known for his children’s programming and massive philanthropy, Saville became one of the UK’s most beloved celebrities.

But behind all of that was a dark secret. He was one of the nation’s most prolific child molesters. An inquiry suggested that Saville molested as many as 589 people of all ages, primarily young girls.

A British Horror Story tells Saville’s story and asks how someone was allowed to get away with such heinous crimes for as long as he did, even when he seemed to hint or even bag about his evilness in public darkly. 

Bonus: Mindhunter

Mindhunter isn’t a Netflix true-crime documentary, but it is based on real crimes. The series tells a highly fictionalized accounting of the beginnings of the FBI’s Serial Crime Unit. The David Fincher-helmed show has some dark moments as it dives into the psyches of serial killers Ed Kemper, Jerry Brudos, and Dennis Rader, aka BTK. 

Netflix canceled the show after the second season, but with 19 episodes, it can be a quick long weekend binge.

A rumored Season 3 would have been in LA and most likely focused on the Night Stalker, Golden State Killer, and the (multiple) Southside Stranglers.

Those are our picks for the best true crime show on Netflix! Did we miss any?

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