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Last month, we told you the story of a woman in Green Bay, Wisconsin, who smoked just a tad too much meth and then decided to dismember and decapitate her partner. Well, we have a big update for you! 

Deemed Competent For Trial

You wouldn’t be too off for assuming that someone who decapitated and cut up someone would be considered unfit for trial.

That does not seem to be the case here, as an initial screening has found that she is, in fact, mentally competent to stand trial.

However, the judge in the case is allowing a second opinion. 

What Did Taylor Schabusiness Do?

In February, Taylor Schabusiness allegedly dismembered and then decapitated a 25-year-old man with whom authorities say she had spent the day smoking meth.

Schabusiness was the last known person to be around the man, and when authorities arrived at her home, they found her caked in dried blood.

Authorities later found additional body parts in the van of Schabusiness, including legs in the passenger seat.

According to an interview with police, Scahabusiness and the victim were smoking meth, experimenting, and engaging in lewd acts involving strangulation.

Schabuiness strangled the man to death and then “assaulted” his body. All of this took place over a day and a half while the two were in the basement smoking methamphetamine.

The Internet Reacts 

You know the Internet had some great takes when it comes to meth and bodily dismemberment.

There are unconfirmed rumors that she was obsessed with fellow Wisconsinite dismembered Jeffrey Dahmer.

If she were a Dahmerhead, it would explain why she decided to keep the body parts around.

She definitely wins the “most unique name for an an alleged killer” reward.

Very mad at myself for not thinking of this pun first.

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