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Woman Wakes Up From Two Year Coma – Instantly Names Her Attacker

A woman spent two years in a coma following a brutal attack. With no leads her case ran cold. And then she woke up

A woman has been in a coma for two years following a violent attack. Suddenly she wakes up and begins to tell nurses and police she knows who her attacker was…it was her brother!

If you think that sounds like a plot point from Days of Our Lives, you’re wrong. Well, you might be right, but it also happened in real life to a West Virginia woman named Wanda Palmer.

Woman Suffered Brain Damage But Still Remembered Her Brother’s Attack

When she woke up, Palmer struggled with brain damage due to the attack, but she was still able to tell the police who attacked her. Based on her account, police were able to take her brother, Daniel Palmer into custody.

Palmer was already a suspect – a witness saw him at the scene of the crime – but police didn’t have enough to charge him with until Wanda regained consciousness and told police Daniel did it. Now, Daniel is charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding.

In his first court appearance Daniel got violent and was dragged out of the courtroom by police deputies.

Why Did Daniel Palmer Attack His Sister?

According to Wanda, Daniel attacked her because “he’s mean.” It may be that there’s more to it and she just isn’t able to remember it yet. Either way, it’s good that Daniel will be held to account.

Wanda was found beaten almost to death in her mobile home on June 10, 2020. First responders did not think she would make it. If she hadn’t, her brother might never have paid for his crime.

Internet Reacts To Wanda Taking Her Brother Down

It takes a strong woman to survive a two-year coma and live to take your brother down for the attack. This fact didn’t escape Twitter’s notice.

What Is It Like To Be In A Coma?

For families and loved ones, seeing someone you care about in a coma can be a frightening experience. You have no idea if they’ll ever wake up. And even if they wake up, what kind of life will they have? 

Oftentimes, a coma results from brain damage so severe that your mind can only function as a mechanical device to maintain your basic functions.  Generally, a “coma” only lasts a few weeks. It is very rare for someone to be in a coma for a long time. In those cases, what some might call a coma is typically considered a vegetative state.

However, there is a difference between a coma and a “vegetative state.” A coma renders a person incapable of sensing or feeling anything, but someone in a vegetative state might still have the ability to feel and move their body. 

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“After four weeks the person is said to be in a ‘prolonged’ vegetative state. If a person remains in a vegetative state for several months after brain damage involving oxygen deprivation (caused, for example, by a cardiac arrest), or for one year after a traumatic brain injury (such as a car accident, a fall, or an assault), the chances of recovering consciousness are very low and they are said to be in a “permanent” vegetative state.”

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