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Chris Masters WWE Return
October 16, 2022
With all the recent changes, is Chris Masters making a WWE return? And, The Good Brothers re-signed and the pay is rather nice.
When Stables Hold All The Gold
August 2, 2019
Back in the day, stables were booked as strong and dominate when all members held championship gold, and it is great WWE Creative sees the value in that.
The Club Brings Out The Heel In AJ Styles
Yes, we may have all been expecting AJ Styles to turn heel this past Monday Night RAW, but it still was a stellar segment and perfect way to end the show.
Status Of Gallows And Anderson + Superstar In Line For Big Push?
It seems we might get to see the Good Brothers stick around WWE for a few more years. The Superstars, who’s deals expired soon, have agreed to new deals
January 3, 2018
The recent reunion of Finn Balor with his friends Gallows and AndersonĀ aka the “Balor Club” could prove a goldmine for the WWE, and here is why.