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NFL social justice end zone helmets
The NFL confirmed on Monday that it will allow social justice messages to be placed not just on helmets but also in each end zone.
All Lives Matter Walmart shirts buy website
June 24, 2020
Walmart is in hot water this week after the store was caught selling “All Lives Matter” t-shirts on its websites in Canada.
Cream of Wheat Chef Rastus Aunt Jemima rebranding cancel SJWs
June 19, 2020
As rampant SJW cancellations hit brands like Aunt Jemima, B&G Foods announced Cream of Wheat’s branding review but its Chef Rastus has a much darker past.
catherine zeta jones apologizing success
June 18, 2018
Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is tired of being apologetic like the rest of Hollywood for her success, riches, and good looks.