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January 10, 2023
Kaya Jones, a former Pussycat Doll, is admitting that the three abortions she had before finding God still haunt her.
November 23, 2022
An Oklahoma teacher’s aide has been arrested and charged with rape after allegedly sleeping with a teenage student.
August 25, 2022
The former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein got some big news this week when a judge granted his appeal in his rape case.
Whoopi Goldberg comments
February 4, 2022
Whoopi Goldberg’s past has come back to haunt her in the wake of her Holocaust comments, as she’s said other offensive things as well.
Harvey Weinstein Angelina Jolie
September 7, 2021
Harvey Weinstein just mocked Hollywood star Angelina Jolie as he denied ever having sexually assaulted her.
Rose McGowan Oprah Winfrey
August 31, 2021
Rose McGowan went after Oprah on Twitter relishing that more people would see ‘the ugly truth’ of her and that she is ‘as fake as they come.’
Jon Lovitz cancel culture The Goldbergs McCarthyism SNL comedian
June 11, 2021
‘Saturday Night Live’ alum Jon Lovitz ripped into cancel culture calling it McCarthyism in defense of ‘The Goldbergs’ star Bryan Callen.
Rose McGowan Harvey Weinstein
February 26, 2021
Rose McGowan discusses life one year after Harvey Weinstein was convicted and sentenced to 23 years, saying “I’m shocked I’m still alive.”
Debra Messing tweet Trump
December 15, 2020
Debra Messing has been forced to apologize for a vile tweet suggesting that she wants President Donald Trump to be assaulted in prison.
Harvey Weinstein Judd
February 24, 2020
Harvey Weinstein’s accusers known as the Silencebreakers are dissatifisfed with a guilty verdict on just two charges and want to see him in prison for life.
deanna martin baby it's cold outside
December 10, 2018
Dean Martin’s daughter, Deanna Martin, is speaking out against the criticism of the beloved Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”