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Credit: Screenshot: They Started On Soaps YouTube
July 8, 2024
Before they were famous, these stars started on soap operas. Uncover their humble beginnings and journey to stardom.
Frank Sinatra DiCaprio
Source YouTube Ad Vids, ABC News
April 25, 2024
Martin Scorsese is thinking about making a Frank Sinatra biopic that would star Leonardo DiCaprio as the iconic singer.
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
July 19, 2022
Miriam Margolyes is claiming that Arnold Schwarzenegger "farted" in her face while filming the 1999 movie "End Of Days."
May 21, 2019
Comic actor James Corden, best known for “Carpool Karaoke," scooped up Céline Dion and recreated a classic scene from the Titanic.
Leonardo DiCaprio Donald Trump
September 22, 2017
Leonardo DiCaprio slammed President Trump at Yale this week. The left-wing actor sat down for a discussion on climate change.