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Prince Harry privilege out of touch quit job joy
Screenshot YouTube
December 7, 2021
Prince Harry is showing his royal privilege by suggesting that people should simply quit their job if it doesn't bring…
Mike Rowe how America works
Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 20, 2021
Mike Rowe returns to prime time tonight with "How America Works." Rowe rarely shares info about his personal life, but…
Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs returns Discovery Channel
June 26, 2020
Fans of the show "Dirty Jobs" are excited right now after Mike Rowe announced that the show will be returning…
Weinstein Bloomberg
February 7, 2020
Damning video has surfaced showing Harvey Weinstein thanking Michael Bloomberg for helping his production company when it was struggling.
Mike Rowe
January 10, 2020
Mike Rowe responded to an op-ed calling on him to run for governor of California to reverse the damage done…
future of automation
September 7, 2017
With the rise of machines and robotics in the workplace, many wonder what the future of automation means for the…