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March 27, 2023
The conservative Hollywood star James Woods suffered a brutal defeat in court this week after getting bad news from a…
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January 16, 2023
Lisa Marie Presley died of a heart attack last week at the age of 54, and her burial plans have…
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January 13, 2023
Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly of a heart attack on Thursday at the age of 54, and her final days…
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January 12, 2023
Lisa Marie Presley has been rushed to the hospital after the 54 year-old daughter of Elvis suffered a cardiac arrest.
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January 11, 2023
Kevin Costner could not attend the Golden Globes last night, though he still was able to win the best actor…
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January 11, 2023
Jerrod Carmichael bombed hosting the Golden Globes last night as viewers begged for Ricky Gervais to return as host.
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December 13, 2022
Val Kilmer is celebrating after his movie "Top Gun: Maverick" was nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globe…
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October 13, 2022
Angela Lansbury, who died earlier this week, once appeared on "Magnum P.I." in an epic crossover with her show "Murder,…
Golden Globes
Source: Tom Cruise courtesy of Frankie Fouganthin via Wikimedia; Ricky Gervais via YouTube Screenshot
May 11, 2021
Hollywood appears to be canceling itself. NBC refuses to air the Golden Globes and Tom Cruise has returned his awards.
Norman Lear Carol Burnett
March 1, 2021
Norman Lear shows admiration and appreciation for Carol Burnett after receiving the award named after her at Golden Globes ceremony.
Jodie Foster thanks Aaron Rodgers
March 1, 2021
When Jodie Foster accepted her win for Best Supporting Actress, she thanked her wife, dog, and curiously Aaron Rodgers in…
Jane Fonda Golden Globes
March 1, 2021
Jane Fonda received the Cecil B. deMille Award at last night's Golden Globes; she took the opportunity to speak about…
Jane Fonda award
January 27, 2021
Jane Fonda, an icon of the silver screen for six decades, will be given the Cecille B. deMille award for…
Ricky Gervais blasts Hollywood hypocrites during Golden Globes monologue
January 7, 2020
Ricky Gervais is firing back at his liberal haters after he called out Hollywood hypocrites at the Golden Globes on…
golden globes ratings
January 7, 2019
According to the early numbers, the Golden Globe awards televised on Sunday night might have received its worst ratings in…