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NASCAR Bubba Wallace vote Trump
November 6, 2020
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has revealed that he just voted for the very first time in this week’s election.
Michael Jordan Bubba Wallace NASCAR team noose Denny Hamlin
NBA legend Michael Jordan has announced that Bubba Wallace will be the first driver on his new “inclusive” NASCAR team.
Kyle Larson Tony Stewart NASCAR ban reinstate
September 3, 2020
Tony Stewart just spoke out to call for NASCAR to let Kyle Larson return after his n-word scandal, saying “do the right thing.
Bubba Wallace NASCAR
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace just took a shot at NASCAR Truck Series driver Ray Ciccarelli, who left racing over the Confederate flag ban.
NASCAR IndyCar Flagman Brad Hockaday Fired Confederate Flag ban
IndyCar flagman Brad Hockaday was fired on Thursday after he took to Facebook to criticize NASCAR for banning the confederate flag this week.
NASCAR anthem kneeling Confederate flag ban Bubba Wallace
All in one week NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from races, debuted a BLM car driven by Bubba Wallace, and allowed kneeling during the anthem.
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace ban Confederate flags
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace is speaking out this week to demand that Confederate flags be banned from all races, saying “get them out of here.”
UPS driver boy in leaves
November 15, 2018
A UPS driver recently saw something on his route he knew he had to share. While dropping off a parcel, he noticed something in a pile of leaves
truck stuck in flood water
February 26, 2018
A truck stuck in flood water proves why you should never mess with mother nature. A man thought he could drive his truck
distracted driving
January 18, 2018
Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and one women proved this when she crashed into the back of a car, causing a multiple-car pileup
man falls in sinkhole
August 24, 2017
While driving his scooter, a man hilariously falls right into a sinkhole. The driver apparently was checking his cell phone