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While filming his show “1923,” Harrison Ford could not help but have flashbacks to the 2015 plane crash that nearly killed him.
LAPD save pilot
January 10, 2022
Watch the shocking moment LAPD police officers rescue a bloodied pilot from plane just before train crashes into it.
Vietnam Veterans Ronald Hope David Chaffin reunion combat medic helicopter crash
November 10, 2020
Two Vietnam Veterans were reunited after 50 years of the combat medic wondering what happened to the pilot he saved from a helicopter crash.
Kobe Bryant Helicopter pilot blames passengers for crash
A rep for Kobe Bryant’s pilot is blaming the passengers for the deadly helicopter crash that killed the NBA legend and everyone onboard.
FAA Harrison Ford investigation almost plane crash
The FAA is investigating Harrison Ford for a close call at a California airport just a few years after his infamous plane crash at an LA golf course.
Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman has just spoken out about his horrific crash at the Daytona 500 last month, saying it was a “miracle” that he survived with just minor injuries.
NBA legend Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa files lawsuit
February 25, 2020
One day after his memorial, NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa filed a lawsuit against the helicopter company behind in the deadly January 26 crash.