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Bill Cosby Civil Trial
Source: Screenshot YouTube
May 24, 2022
Bill Cosby is about to go on trial for sexual assault once again, this time in civil course for allegations from the 1970s.
Bill Cosby supreme court
March 7, 2022
Bill Cosby, the disgraced comedian, has just learned his fate from the Supreme Court one year after his conviction was overturned.
Bill Cosby defends his legacy
January 26, 2022
The new docuseries “We Need To Talk About Cosby” is premiering on Sunday, and Bill Cosby is trying to defend his legacy ahead of time.
Bill Cosby supreme court
Screenshot YouTube
November 30, 2021
Bill Cosby may end up back in prison after all because prosecutors are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling that freed him.
Bill Cosby R. Kelly
Source: Screenshot YouTube/Screenshot YouTube
September 29, 2021
Through his spokesman, Bill Cosby defended R. Kelly after he was convicted of sex trafficking, saying that he “got railroaded.”
Bill Cosby accusers
Source: Screenshot custom, YouTube
July 8, 2021
Eight of Bill Cosby’s accusers are speaking out with their reactions to his prison release. They are completely “stunned” and “disgusted.”
Bill Cosby Janice Dickinson
Source: Screenshot YouTube/Screenshot YouTube
July 1, 2021
Janice Dickinson said she “felt like I was kicked in the stomach” when Bill Cosby was released from prison when his conviction was overturned.
Bill Cosby mugshot
October 22, 2020
Bill Cosby’s team has fired back after a mugshot went viral, releasing a new image to “reassure his family and supporters” that he’s ok.
Bill Cosby prison mugshot appeal celebrity
October 20, 2020
83-year-old Bill Cosby looks unrecognizable in his latest prison mugshot which ignited a heated Twitter debate over sympathy for him.
Bill Cosby gives first prison interview
April 20, 2020
Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby’s representative is begging Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to give his sex offender client early prison release.
Bill Cosby gives first prison interview
November 25, 2019
Once beloved comedian Bill Cosby gave his first interview from prison and didn’t show even an ounce of regret for his crimes.