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Robin Williams was a versatile actor and an exceptional comedian. Born on July 12, 1951, and tragically dying on August 11, 2014, aged 63. Williams left us with a legacy of great movies from The Birdcage to Good Morning, Vietnam.

Join us as we explore the best Robin Williams movies, each worth watching again to celebrate this beloved actor.

Honorable mention: Mrs. Doubtfire is the movie most people think of when they consider Robin Williams. However, we’ve left Mrs. Doubtfire off our top 10. Not because it isn’t great, but because we want our top 10 to be different from others.

World’s Greatest Dad, 2010

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The Birdcage, 1996

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Insomnia, 2002

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The World According To Garp, 1982

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Good Morning, Vietnam, 1988

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The Fisher King, 1991

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August Rush, 2007

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Aladdin, 1992

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Dead Poets Society, 1989

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Good Will Hunting, 1997

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