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Dick Van Dyke has worked on countless film and television projects throughout his decades-long career in Hollywood. One experience that he’s never forgotten, however, is working with Julie Andrews on the classic 1964 Disney movie Mary Poppins.

Van Dyke Praises Andrews

While appearing on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter  last week, Van Dyke was asked about Mary Poppins being Andrews’ film debut. When questioned as to whether or not Andrews “had it right away,” Van Dyke immediately replied, “It’s like she had done a whole lot of movies.”

“She was cool as a cucumber, never… I’m telling you what I had doing the recording. She not only is a soprano, she sang just a hair on top of the note,” Van Dyke, 98, said of Andrews, 88.

“Just that little bit sharp, and I sing flat. So I just… what a sweater that was getting through that album. I’m actually a bass, but I had to sing,” he continued. “It turned out alright, and she was so patient with me.”

Van Dyke concluded by saying that Andrews was so professional on the set of Mary Poppins that it was astounding that it was her first movie.

“We would never have known it,” he stated.

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Andrews’ Fond Memories With Van Dyke

Andrews won the Oscar for Best Actress for playing the title character in Mary Poppins. Meanwhile, Van Dyke played two characters in the film: Bert the chimney sweep and the aging bank owner Mr. Dawes Sr.

Andrews only has fond memories of her time working with Van Dyke on Mary Poppins. In December of last year, she recalled meeting him as she was interviewed for the two-hour CBS special Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic. She said that Van Dyke was “young, fit as can be, and really gorgeous to look at.”

“I’d never made a movie before, and I’d given birth to my lovely daughter Emma nearly six weeks earlier, and I quickly realized that I had better pull my socks up and get in shape,” she remembered, according to People Magazine.

“I found it pretty daunting, I can tell you,” Andrews admitted. “Dick could not have been kinder, more genuinely sweet and helpful. I like to think that we did bond instantly.”

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Van Dyke Is ‘Totally Unique’

Andrews went on to praise Van Dyke for his “completely original style” that makes him “totally unique.” She added that while on set, he made her “collapse with the giggles … countless times.”

“It was so delightful to watch him imitating the animated penguins or attempting to ride the pony from the carousel,” Andrews stated. “Becoming a magical chimney sweep. Actually, it was a very happy film for, I think, the entire company.”

“How lucky I was to have him by my side for my first venture in Hollywood,” she concluded.

Check out one of their fun moments from behind the scenes on Mary Poppins in the video below.

Van Dyke and Andrews are two of the most talented performers of all time. Their work in Mary Poppins has brought joy to millions of fans of all ages for the past sixty years. We’re glad to see that Van Dyke and Andrews had just as much fun making Mary Poppins as the rest of us have had watching it!

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