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Last week, the Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke made history when he became the oldest person to ever win an Emmy at 98. Now, Van Dyke is speaking out to reveal the one thing that is still on his bucket list!

Van Dyke Wins Emmy

Van Dyke made history last Friday when he won Best Guest Performer In A Daytime Drama Series for his role as Timothy Robicheaux on Days Of Our Lives. With this win, he became the oldest person to ever take home an Emmy.

Though Van Dyke never thought he’d do a soap opera, he had a blast with this guest spot.

“They called me out of the blue, and I liked the part,” he told Variety. “I played a father, and I’m a great-grandpa in real life! We had fun; my wife got to play my attendant. I was in a wheelchair.”

Van Dyke’s Bucket List

In fact, this role was so fun for Van Dyke that it got the comedian thinking about the one thing that he still has on his bucket list as he prepares to turn 99 later this year.

“I’d like to do one more dramatic thing. I said to the guys who produced the special, ‘I did like some dramatic work.’ They said, ‘Nobody wants to see you be serious,’” he said with a laugh. “Maybe I can get a little show together showing some of my dramatic work.”

The “special” that Van Dyke was referring to was Dick Van Dyke: 98 Years of Magic, which aired on CBS back in December. The two-hour special took a look back at some of the best moments from the Mary Poppins‘ star’s decades-long career. It also featured music and dance numbers and some special guests.

Van Dyke loved every minute of it!

“When they said they were going to do a show, I said, ‘Well, it’s about time, guys,'” he recalled.

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Van Dyke’s Positive Attitude

The special highlighted just how much fun Van Dyke has had throughout his career, and he believes this positivity comes across in his work.

“People can tell how you’re feeling,” he said. “They can see beyond an actor’s performance. People sense if you’re having a good time. I try to avoid things that aren’t any fun,”

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Van Dyke’s Legacy

As for what he hopes his legacy will be after he’s gone, Van Dyke thinks of the children.

“I left a good example for a young generation,” he said. “I think I have a positive effect on kids. And I can tell by the mail I get from kids that I’ve had a good effect.”

“They want to emulate that behavior,” Van Dyke added. “And that, I think, is why what we really accomplish is worthwhile. I’m so happy the impact I had was a positive one, and I’m perfectly satisfied with that.”

Van Dyke is a true living legend, and there will never be another one like him. His positive attitude and infections spirit is an inspiration to us all. God bless him for continuing to show the world that age really is just a number!

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