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Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are splitting after just two years of marriage. Now, it appears that Affleck has moved his possessions out of the home that he shares with Lopez.

Affleck Moves His Things Out Of Beverly Hills Mansion

A source close to the couple told People Magazine that Affleck, 51, moved all of his things out of the Beverly Hills mansion that he owns with Lopez, 54. He allegedly did this before Lopez got home from a recent trip to Europe.

“Ben continues to live at the Brentwood rental. He’s been there for about two months now,” another source claimed. “He seems okay. He’s been at his office every day and seems focused on work. He’s also spending time with his kids.”

On June 23, Affleck was spotted in Los Angeles not wearing his wedding ring. This came as Lopez was still enjoying a vacation in Italy alone.

Affleck and Lopez got married in July of 2022, and they bought this Beverly Hills nearly a year later in June of 2023. They reportedly put the mansion on the market last month.

“Jennifer is distraught. She wants to sell their house off-market to try and get less attention surrounding it,” another source claimed at the time. “Ben doesn’t care about the negative attention” because “he’s been through this before and it doesn’t faze him.”

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Rumors Of Affleck And Lopez Split

Rumors have been swirling about tensions between Affleck and Lopez for quite some time.

“They can’t get on the same page [and] have been discussing divorce as an option,” one source recently told US Weekly.

Yet another insider claimed that as these divorce talks are happening, Lopez is trying to figure out what is next for her both personally and professionally.

Affleck and Lopez met in December of 2001 on the set of their movie Gigli. They became engaged the next year, only to shock fans by calling off their planned wedding in 2003 just days before it was set to take place.

Affleck and Lopez each went on to marry and divorce different people. Affleck married the actress Jennifer Garner in 2005 and had three children with her before they divorced in 2018. Meanwhile, Lopez married the singer Marc Anthony, staying with him from 2004 until they divorced in 2014. They had two children together.

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Lopez ‘Heartbroken’ By Potential Divorce

A source close to Lopez claims that she is “heartbroken” that she may be headed for divorce once again.

“The marriage is completely over, and Jennifer is heartbroken,” an insider told Fox News about Lopez. “She loves love and wanted this to work so badly.”

As for Affleck, he appears to be focused on the future.

It’s always sad to see a couple split up, particularly after such a short marriage. We can only hope that the rumors are not true, and that Affleck and Lopez are somehow able to work things out!

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