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Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are headed for divorce after just two years of marriage. Amidst this chaos, fans were stunned when Lopez was spotted flying coach over the weekend.

Lopez Flies Coach

Lopez, who has a net worth of $400 million, was seen on a commercial flight to Paris last weekend. The 54-year-old performer was spotted sitting in coach on a KLM flight from Naples to Paris. Lopez sat in the window seat while her bodyguard sat in the aisle seat. There was an empty seat between them, and Lopez ended up placing her purse there.

Check out a photo of her sitting in her seat below.

A source close to Lopez has since responded by saying that the singer and actress flies commercial “often.”

“She’s not hurting for money,” the insider added. “She’s had a very successful year.”

Sunny Hostin, a co-host on the ABC talk show The View, has since spoken out to praise Lopez for flying coach.

“I thought it humanized her. We’ve all flown coach,” Hostin told TMZ. “I still fly coach, and she had her bodyguard, and she had her purse with her as well, so she had the whole row in coach.”

“So she’s still Jenny From the Block. I like that,” she continued.

Lopez was heading to Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week on Monday. She appeared to be in good spirits as she attended the Christian Dior Haute Couture fall/winter 2024-2025 show by herself. Meanwhile, Affleck was noticeably absent, as he was seen spending time in Los Angeles with his family.

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Rumors About Lopez And Affleck Divorcing

This comes after months of rumors that Lopez and Affleck are about to split.

“They can’t get on the same page [and] have been discussing divorce as an option,” one source told US Weekly last week.

Another insider claimed that as these divorce talks are happening, Lopez is trying to figure out what is next for her both personally and professionally.

“It has been really hard for her and she is trying to figure out her next act,” this source said. A third insider added, “Jennifer has been trying for months to make it work and is pushing to fix things.”

Affleck and Lopez met in December of 2001 on the set of their movie Gigli. They became engaged the next year, only to shock fans by calling off their planned wedding in 2003 just days before it was set to take place.

Affleck and Lopez each went on to marry and divorce different people. Affleck married the actress Jennifer Garner in 2005 and had three children with her before they divorced in 2018. Meanwhile, Lopez married the singer Marc Anthony, staying with him from 2004 until they divorced in 2014. They had two children together during that time.

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Lopez And Affleck Handle Fame Differently

One of the main problems that Affleck and Lopez may be facing is that they each deal with fame very differently. He hates attention, while she openly craves it.

“I also don’t like a lot of attention,” Affleck said earlier this month. “This why people see me [and] they’re like, ‘Well, this dude always mad…’ Because somebody has their camera and sticking to my face.”

“We went somewhere with [Jennifer]—I can’t remember because she’s so famous, and she creates this—people love her,” he added. “And she really represents something important to people.”

Whether Lopez is about to get divorced or not, it’s nice to see that unlike many celebrities, she’s not too full of herself to fly coach. We can only hope that Lopez enjoyed her time in Paris once her flight got her there!

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