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Fans were stunned last year when it was reported that Kevin Costner was leaving the hit show Yellowstone. Now, sources are saying that Costner took a “major gamble” with his new four-part western epic film series Horizon in the wake of this exit.

Costner Quits Yellowstone

It was reported in May of 2023 that Costner had quit Yellowstone. He later spoke out to indicate that salary disputes and creative differences were the reasons behind this.

“We tried to negotiate,” Costner explained, according to US Weekly. “They offered me less money than previous seasons, there were issues with the creative …”

Multiple sources have since claimed that Costner, 69, may return for the second half of season 5, which is due to come out in November. However, Costner will reportedly need to have final approval of the scripts before he signs on.

“Ultimately, everyone wants a resolution,” one insider alleged. “Kevin is such an integral part of the show. Despite all the behind-the-scenes drama, that’s what fans want.”

Costner Takes ‘Major Gamble’

Costner is currently working on his third Horizon movie, which went into production last month. Reviews for the first movie in the series have been mixed. While the film was a hit at the Cannes Film Festival, critics have been divided on it.

“He’d be disappointed if it isn’t well received,” said one source, with a second adding, “Kevin’s been through this before.”

This insider went on to point out that Costner’s classic movies Field of Dreams and The Bodyguard  were met with skepticism before they were released.

“He always relishes proving the haters wrong,” the source added. “It’s a massive gamble, but it’s a story Kevin feels he has to tell.”

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Check out a trailer for the first Horizon movie in the video below.

Costner’s Divorce

This also comes at a difficult time in Costner’s personal life. Last year, his wife of 18 years Christine Baumgartner, 50, reportedly blindsided Costner by filing for divorce.

 “She didn’t really give Kevin an opportunity to try and fix things,” one source said of the split. “It was very painful but I believe Kevin’s moved on.”

Rubbing salt in the wound is the fact that Baumgartner has since started dating the couple’s former friend, the financier Josh Connor, 49.

“Kevin saw how fast Christine moved on, and it’s hurtful, but he’s gotten past it,” the insider continued. “He wished they could have worked things out.”

These days, Costner and Baumgartner reportedly only communicate about their three children: Cayden, 17, Hayes, 15, and Grace, 13.

“Kevin would still have a relationship with Christine, but she will not communicate with him unless it’s regarding the younger kids,” the source lamented.

Find out more about their divorce in the video below.

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Costner has been one of the most famous Hollywood stars for decades. He won the Oscar back in 1991 for Best Director for Dances With Wolves, which also won Best Picture that year. Like Horizon, that was also a Western movie. Last year, Costner opened up about his love for Westerns.

“My dad really loved John Wayne. And he said to me, ‘You can do that,'” he recalled to Yahoo News. “And of course I can’t be John Wayne. But I have personally taken an interest in the American Western.”

Only time will tell if Costner’s “major gamble” with his latest Western actually pays off!

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