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It’s been nearly two years since the legendary singer Céline Dion was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune and neurological disorder known as stiff-person syndrome. Now, Dion is speaking out to reveal how her three sons are fueling her fight against this disease.

Dion’s Sons Fuel Her Fight

Dion, 56, is mother to René-Charles, 23, and 13-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy, according to People Magazine. She shares the three boys with her late husband René Angélil, who sadly died of throat cancer back in 2016 at the age of 73.

Dion began battling mysterious health issues in the mid-2000s. Her symptoms included excruciating muscle spasms, difficulty walking and breathing. These symptoms dramatically worsened over the years until she finally received her SPS diagnosis in August of 2022.

For the sake of her sons, Dion was determined to fight this condition with everything she had. Her desire to ensure that the boys did not lose a second parent inspired her fight like nothing else could.

“I barely could walk at one point, and I was missing very much living. My kids started to notice. I was like, ‘OK, they already lost a parent. I don’t want them to be scared,'” Dion said in her upcoming Prime Video documentary, I Am: Celine Dion. The documentary drops on June 25.

“I let them know, ‘You lost your dad, [but] mom has a condition and it’s different. I’m not going to die. It’s something that I’m going to learn to live with,'” she continued.

Check out a trailer for this documentary in the video below.

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Dion Determined To Fight

Dion further opened up about her disease in an interview with the TODAY host Hoda Kotb.

“What did this disease take away from you?” Kotb asked in a preview clip released on Tuesday morning.

“It didn’t take anything away from me,” Dion responded. “I’m going to go back onstage, even if I have to crawl. Even if I have to talk with my hands, I will. I will.”

“I am Céline Dion, because today my voice will be heard for the first time, not just because I have to, or because I need to,” she continued. “It’s because I want to and I miss it.”

Dion Despised ‘Lying’ To Her Fans

The last time that Dion performed publicly was on March 8, 2020, according to Daily Mail. She had been set to resume her tour in 2022, but she canceled those dates in January of that year. At the time, she cited her “ongoing recovery” from unspecified health issues.

It wasn’t until December of 2022 that Dion finally revealed her diagnosis to the world. She did this after “lying” to her fans about her health became “too much” for her to bear.

Dion explained that it was a “huge burden” to keep her diagnosis a secret from “the people who got her to where she was.” She felt like she had to act like a “hero” even though her “body was leaving her.”

Find out more about that in the video below.

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Known for such iconic hits as “My Heart Will Go On” and “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” Dion is one of the most talented singers alive today. Please join us in saying a prayer for her as she continues to fight this cruel disease.

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