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In November of 2021, the singer Britney Spears was finally freed from the 13-year conservatorship that had given her father Jamie total control over her life and finances after fans launched a #FreeBritney campaign. While fans initially rejoiced at this, sources close to Spears, 42, are speaking out to say that her life has since gone into “free fall.”

Spears’ Life ‘In Free Fall’

Insiders are saying that two and a half years after Spears was freed from her conservatorship, Spears is living a “dysfunctional and isolated” life that is quickly seeing her burn through her nearly-$60 million fortune. She’s allegedly spending millions of dollars on regular trips to French Polynesia every few months, burning cash on  private jets, luxury hotels and staff.

After marrying her husband Sam Asghari, 30, in June of 2022, Spears divorced him 13 months later amidst claims that she’d attacked him in his sleep and left him with a black eye. Afterwards, her two sons Preston, 18, and Jayden, 17, moved to Hawaii with their father Kevin Federline, begging their mother to stop stripping down and dancing on Instagram.

“There is no one looking after Britney,” a source told The Sun. “Her life is in free fall. She has no focus and no one is telling her that she is at risk of flittering away all of the earnings she worked so hard for. She is living like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Her finances were so tightly watched when she was in the conservatorship,” the insider continued. “There were times when she had to ask her backing dancers to pay for dinner and she was basically given meagre pocket money from her own accounts. Now it’s like she’s gone from one extreme to the other. It’s worrying to think what could happen in just a few short years if she blows through her fortune.”

Check out Spears in better days in the video below.

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Though the conservatorship ended in 2021, Spears and her father only just settled their legal battle for an undisclosed amount over his legal fees and his handling of her finances earlier this week.

“Britney Spears won when her father was suspended as conservator and she obtained her freedom and her civil rights and liberties were restored,” Spears’ lawyer said in a statement on Monday, according to Yahoo News.

“She now has obtained her final piece of freedom as she instructed, as she no longer will need to be entangled with the court or the court system in this matter,” he added.

Find out more about this in the video below.

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Spears Sounds Off

The night before that, however, Spears took to social media to say that, “There has been no justice and probably never will be!”

“The way I was brought up I was always taught the formative of right and wrong but the very two people who brought me up with that method hurt me!” she continued. “I am so lucky to be here!

“It’s funny ’cus till this very day I haven’t told them face to face!” Spears concluded. “I text through IG but I honestly believe it will not be so safe if I ever did go face to face!”

Whether you are a fan of Spears or not, it’s clear that this woman is in crisis. Please join us in saying a prayer for her during this difficult time.

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