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It’s been two years since the former “Wonder Years” star Danica McKellar found God with a little help from her friend Candace Cameron Bure of “Full House” fame. As McKellar prepared to celebrate Easter yesterday, she reflected on her spiritual journey and expressed her wish that the world would be “open to God’s love.”

McKellar ‘So Grateful’ To Find God

“Easter week for me, this year marks two years of becoming a believer,” McKellar, 49, told Fox News. “That’s when Candace Cameron Bure brought me into her church on Palm Sunday, and we saw the passion play there at Shepherd Church.”

“It changed my life,” she added. “I don’t know what happened. Some people say the Holy Spirit came to me. All I know is that I knew I became a believer, and it was the most wonderful, transformative moment. I was flooded with this knowingness, and I have such peace from that still after two years, and I’m so grateful for it.” 

McKellar went on to say that the Easter season is full of “redemption and rebirth.” 

“And I feel that,” she explained. “My wish for the world is that they would feel that as well and be open to God’s love because it’s transformative, and it’s there for everyone.”

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McKellar’s Easter Plans

McKellar also revealed that when she was a child, she only celebrated the” secular” aspect of Easter.

“It was the Easter bunny and egg hunts and coloring eggs,” she recalled. “I used to believe in the Easter bunny, so it was a lot of fun. It was a big family celebration, like a lot of holidays. And I’m really grateful to have a family who always made that effort for everyone to come together.”

This year, however, McKellar planned to celebrate Easter quite differently with her family.

“We will go to Easter church services, and we will do an egg hunt,” she revealed. “We’ll do all the things. We celebrate it all.”

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McKellar’s Previous Comments About Finding God

McKellar previously opened up about finding God while appearing on “Fox & Friends” back in December.

“I’ve been around Christianity my whole life in some way, shape or form, but it never really clicked,” she stated. “And my good friend Candace Cameron Bure… she brought me to church. And all I can say is that something happened.”

“All I know is… I was flooded with this love and understanding,” she continued. “I’d always been so biased against Christianity for various reasons, mostly because of the bad reputation it’s gotten with causing wars, and you think, ‘Oh, Christians are these really judgmental people,’ and all this religious stuff. The truth is, Jesus was anti-religion. He was anti-religion, and I didn’t even realize that.”

‘I Feel So Blessed’

It was only when McKellar went to church with Cameron Bure that she “suddenly understood.”

“Everything I always thought about there being some higher power and wanting to do the right thing, just because it’s the right thing, when no one’s watching, why that matters, and it all just came into focus,” she said. “And I feel so blessed.”

“I do have this very recent memory of being a nonbeliever, and I have no judgment whatsoever, I just want people to feel the love and peace that I feel now,” McKellar concluded.

McKellar’s story continues to serve as a reminder that it is never too late to find God. Here’s hoping that she had a very happy Easter, and may God bless her!

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