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The “Wicked Tuna” star Charlie Griffin and his beloved dog Leila were tragically killed in a boating accident on Sunday.

Griffin And His Dog Found Dead

“National Geographic and Pilgrim Media Group were saddened to learn that Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks cast member Captain Charlie ‘Griff’ Griffin passed away this week after a shipwreck unrelated to the series,” National Geographic and Pilgrim Media Group told Fox News.

“Charlie was the captain of the fishing vessel Reels of Fortune and appeared on seasons two through five of ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks,’ fishing side-by-side on the series with his only child, Jake. Charlie was known to all as a spirited fisherman with a big heart,” the statement continued. “We join Charlie’s family, fellow cast members and friends in mourning his untimely loss.” 

Griffin’s official Facebook page confirmed his death, adding that his dog Leila died with him.

“It is with the deepest sadness we report that Charlie Griffin and his beloved dog, Leila, have passed away in a boating accident,” the page stated. “Please keep family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. We will forever remember Griff!”

The U.S. Coast Guard revealed that Griffin and Leila’s bodies were found on Monday after his 35-foot vessel was discovered off Pea Island while traveling from Virginia to Wanchese, North Carolina. The boat had gone missing the previous day.

“The vessel appears to have capsized somewhere near Oregon Inlet,” the Coast Guard explained. “Officers are still searching for a second occupant that was aboard the vessel. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is leading the ongoing investigation along with assistance from officers from US Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, NC Marine Fisheries, Dare County Sheriff’s Office, and the US Coast Guard.” 

Deadline reported that Griffin rose to fame starring on Seasons 2-5 of “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks,” which featured him and his crew attempting to reel in bluefin tuna in the waters off North Carolina.

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‘Wicked Tuna’ Curse?

Daily Mail questioned if there is a “Wicked Tuna” curse, as Griffin is the third star of the show to die in a tragic accident.

“One passed away from a gruesome car accident just months after he became a father, while another died suddenly at age 28 – and his cause of death still remains a mystery,” the publication stated.

William “Willbilly” Hathaway was only 36 years-old when he was killed in a 2018 car crash just three months after becoming a father for the first time. He had previously starred in seasons three to five of “Wicked Tuna.”

“He was an exceptional human being whose passion was the sea,” a fundraiser for his family read after his death. “He always brightened the day of anyone he met.”

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Previous ‘Wicked Tuna’ Death

Five months before that, Nicholas “Duffy” Fudge was found dead at the age of 28. Though no official cause of death was ever released to the public, local fishermen believe that he died of “decompression sickness,” which the  National Library of Medicine states involves “dissolved gases (commonly nitrogen) forming bubbles in the bloodstream and tissues,” causing “rapid tissue decompression.”

Decompression sickness can occur during “deep-sea diving, emerging from a caisson, flying in an unpressurized aircraft, and performing an extra-vehicular activity in space.”

Fudge had appeared on multiple seasons of “Wicked Tuna,” and he died just days before he was set to start filming season 8 of the show.

This is clearly a very tragic situation for everyone involved. Please join us in saying a prayer for Griffin and his loved ones during this difficult time.

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