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The star of Amazon Prime Video’s “Reacher” is currently on set in Vancouver, where he took some time to urge his fans to live out the “ethics of Christ.”

Ritchson Sounds Off

“I’m surrounded by the most beautiful landscape you can imagine—snowcap mountains that, even on a 60° day like this, are covered in powdery snow,” Ritchson said in a video posted to social media. “People snowboarding and skiing.”

“There’s a sign before you get on the gondola,” he added. “It says on a clear day you can see 50 miles from the top of this mountain.”

Ritchson went on to spell out what he believes is the importance of the gospel.

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‘Ethics of Christ’

“I think there’s a reason why, in scripture, God’s earthly throne is associated with mountains,” Ritchson explained. “Moses meets him on Sinai. Mount Zion is talked about as a place where heaven has come to meet earth in this realm, and we were called to a relationship with a God who has that kind of constant clarity.”

“The kind of clear vision that sees more than 50 miles out into our time and space,” he continued. “So, what is the gondola? What does the lift look like to get us from the perspective that we have in our lives to God’s heavenly throne? I believe it’s through the ethic of Christ.”

The actor then explained what he thought those ethics were.

“What are the ethics of Christ? These are ethics of humility, of self-sacrifice, giving up our desire for earthly prestige and power to serve others,” he said. “I think when we do that, we suddenly find ourselves being lifted to that place of heaven on Earth, and that’s the invitation that we have. So, I invite you to explore what it is that Christ calls us to.”

Ritchson is obviously a devoted Christian who also appeared recently in the faith-focused movie Ordinary Angels with Hilary Swank.

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Confronting Doubt

Ritchson told Movieguide of the film, “I mean, look, I’m gonna be completely honest. I did not—when I read this script for the first time, I didn’t say to myself, like ‘this is a great faith-based movie.’ This was just a compelling, heartbreaking true story that had a hopeful and inspiring message, you know?”

Ritchson went on to say that the movie confronts doubt, and that “makes it a true, honest faith-based film.”

“I just want to say if you have doubt, which I’m sure if this is a large community, there are many people who have doubt about whether God exists or whether he’s present in our lives or working… for our good, and that’s not a problem,” Ritchson concluded. “That’s where faith begins. That’s where true faith and relationship begin, and I think God welcomes those kinds of battles.”

Check out Ritchson’s full comments on this in the video below.

In a time when Hollywood has strayed as far away from Christians as values, voices like Ritchson’s are needed in the entertainment world more than ever before. Bless Ritchson for continuing to use his platform to spread the word of God!

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