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Rodney Dangerfield had a sense of humor that stood out from any comedian of his time. His self-deprecating style is something many of us can relate to. Even someone as cool as Dean Martin laughed at the lack of respect Rodney received.

Classic TV shows are unlike anything on television today. The humor was clean, yet hilarious. A-List celebrities always showed up for shows like “The Dean Martin Show” to entertain the masses and we loved it!

So, when Rodney Dangerfield showed up to perform on the show in 1973, viewers knew they were going to see something great.

Rodney Dangerfield On “The Dean Martin Show”

Rodney had the crowd laughing with his stand up routine at Club Dingaling. “I tell ya. Las Vegas, they got slot machines all over, even in supermarkets. I went in to buy a container of milk. Cost me $238,” he quipped.

Things got even more hilarious when he sat down with Dino to chat about his life. Dangerfield started off by ordering a Shirley Temple with extra sugar from the bar. It’s an appropriate drink to balance out his rather sad life!

Dean’s reaction was pretty fun to watch. He didn’t even try to keep a straight face when Rodney told him how the animals reacted when his family picnicked in the forest!

If you still love Classic TV, you will really enjoy watching the video below! They don’t make television shows like this anymore. Be prepared to laugh!

Rodney Dangerfield turned his miserable life into a terrific career. He could make us all laugh because we could relate to being treated without respect. This was long before political correctness killed comedy.

Dangerfield died in 2004, outliving his friend Dino by a decade, but his comedic routines still get some respect today. Nobody has been able to match or recreate his style. He truly was a diamond in the rough!

But let’s not forget Dino, either. Those crooners from back in the day were also comedians. The way they ordered their shows, they sometimes had interludes for stories or jokes.

Check out Dino take a break to crack up the audience and grab a quick drink!

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