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Elvis Presley remains popular over forty years after his death. He transformed rock and roll and is still appreciated for it. But, many of today’s liberals would not be happy to learn the King was very proud of his Southern roots.

The left is working hard to sanitize the South right out of American history. Elvis wouldn’t have stood for this! They are pushing to destroy statues of Confederates and even remove any evidence of the Confederate flag.

You can’t change the past by hiding from it. Anyone with a proper second-grade education knows the South lost the Civil War. Like it or not, these statues are part of American history.

Elvis wasn’t politically correct enough to ditch his Southern roots to sell albums. He embraced his roots instead!

An American Trilogy – An American Classic

If you like Elvis, you will want to watch the superb video below. It shows The King singing “An American Trilogy” in 1973. “I Wish I Was In Dixie” is included and it’s particularly poignant given the left’s war on southern culture and history. I can’t imagine Elvis would be tolerating that nonsense if he were alive today!

Fantastic! He was proud to be an American and a Southerner too! You can really see his emotion coming out in this performance.

Today’s liberals probably would also shy away from Elvis for being an outspoken Christian. He wore his faith in Jesus on his sleeve. He even put it front and center at a lot of his concerts. In 1957, during an Ed Sullivan Show performance raising money for relief efforts, The King Of Rock decided to sing a gospel song.

He could have chosen any song he wanted. He chose one to praise the Lord. Rather than promoting his own songs, Elvis sang “Peace In The Valley” because he was true to himself. Click here to watch that performance.

RIP Lisa Marie

Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley passed away on January 12, 2023. She was his only child, and is survived by mother Priscilla Presley.

Unfortunately, since Elvis’ passing, family ties with the Presley’s have been fraying. Priscilla had feuded with Lisa Marie’s daughter, Riley Keough, over Lisa Marie’s estate. While we don’t know much of the details, we do know that after some feuding, the two sides reached a settlement four months after Lisa Marie’s passing.

Wish that it were the end of the story – but Priscilla also lost her bid to be buried next to her late husband, who is buried between his parents at Graceland.

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