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Last week, we reported that “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin had told the “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen that the person who farts the most on her ABC talk show is Whoopi Goldberg. When Cohen then appeared on “The View” on Wednesday morning, Goldberg was quick to confront him as soon as he joined the panel.

Goldberg Sounds Off Over ‘Fart-Gate’

“Before we get started, I want to put something to bed with the two of you,” said Goldberg, 67, as she pointed to Cohen and Hostin. “I’m just going to say it, there was never an issue, a sound was made on the table, and that’s what it was. We don’t need to bring it up ever again, anywhere. We’re good?”

Cohen responded with an uncomfortable and surprised “oh!” before Hostin threw him under the bus by saying, “Blame him.”

Check out the awkward exchange at the beginning of the video below.

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Hostin Warns Cohen

Entertainment Weekly reported that Hostin had tried to warn Cohen that this might be coming while appearing on his radio show on Monday.

“She didn’t like it,” Hostin said, before trying to blame the mysterious noises that viewers of “The View” had long thought were farts on the mugs belonging to co-host Sara Haines, who typically is seated next to Goldberg.

“I think the way this thing started is, Sara drinks too much water on set and she has a weak bladder and so she’s constantly with two or three mugs,” she attempted to explain. “One has seltzer water, one has hot lemon water, the other one has room temperature water. I really don’t understand her water process, but she kept on moving them across the table and it made this farting noise.”

“And so Whoopi, in an effort to kind of cover that up — we have coasters now — was like, ‘Sorry y’all. That was me,’ and I just took her at her word. I didn’t know it was Sara with all the waters,” Hostin continued. “She should only have one cup of water anyway. We all have one cup and Sara has three and it just turned into this big thing and so Whoopi said, ‘Why did you tell everybody I fart all the time?’ and I was like, ‘Because you joke about farting all the time and I’m across from the table.'”

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‘Original Fart-Gate’

Back in 2014, something that was described as “fart-gate” occurred on “The View.” On that occasion, the women were talking about flu shots when a toot that sounded like a fart came from Goldberg, who rose from her chair and shouted, “Excuse me! Oooh, oooh!”

“There was a sound effect that we had never heard before,” Goldberg explained. “I’m thinking, ‘Damn, that’s weird, what can I do?’ Oh, I know! I’m gonna pretend I let a little something go. As a joke.”

“Some on the internet did not believe the hot air about… hot air,” she added.

The singer Ashanti, who was appearing on “The View” as a guest that morning, replied by saying, “that’s the flu shot, that’s what it does to you!”

Check out that moment for yourself in the video below.

This all frankly just stinks on so many levels. For the sake of the other women on “The View,” we hope that Goldberg really isn’t farting, because we can’t imagine what that would smell like!

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