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The legendary talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw defiantly refused to say that Donald Trump is worse than Joe Biden during a heated interview with Bill Maher on Sunday.

McGraw Refuses To Say Trump Is Worse Than Biden

During the latest episode of his podcast Club Random, Maher tried to get McGraw to admit that Trump did more damage to the country than Biden, but he refused to take the bait. When asked for his take on the current state of American politics, McGraw said that “there’s idiocy on both sides.”

“I’m not a big fan of our president or the last one, but I respect the office of the president and to see somebody screaming liar — that disrespects the office,” he continued. “I think the rest of the world’s gotta be looking at that going ‘God.'”

That’s when Maher tried to back McGraw into a corner when it comes to Trump.

“They are very different people and one of them is much more of a threat to the republic. And that would be the 45th,” he said. “Would you not agree?”

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Maher Melts Down

When McGraw tried to say that he’s not political and shift the conversation to the threat that the left’s “woke agenda” poses to this country, Maher responded by instead asking the question again.

“So you may think that you’re not gonna be political, but you’re being political and I think it’s a good place for you to go,” the liberal host stated. “You can’t avoid it anymore. You can’t avoid it… Now again, I come back to Trump, you gotta like be on the page that he’s worse than Joe Biden and very different than Joe Biden. Come on, doc.”

Once again, McGraw stood his ground and refused to take the bait.

“It’s not politics that determine the outcome of society. It’s culture. I don’t care about politics… I don’t care about that. I care about our culture,” he said, according to Fox News. “You go back to the beginning… Democrats and Republicans have been in control about 50-50.”

“They’ve had control of the House and Senate while they were in control the presidency about 50-50, they’ve had it not in control 50-50,” he added. “And look where we are. They both come up about the same place. I don’t care about that. I care about our culture.”

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McGraw Gets Last Laugh

Maher was visibly frazzled by this, admitting, “I’m disappointed that I can’t get you to just out and out say that Trump is a completely different animal than the politics on the left and the right that we both agree is very lacking on both sides.”

After listing off some liberal talking points from the days Trump was in office, Maher stated, “If I can’t have your faith on that, it’s very hard for me to understand where you’re coming from on any issue.”

“I’m telling you this. That’s a cop out. What difference does it make? A – he’s not in power now. B – he’s probably not gonna be,” McGraw concluded, putting a stop to the discussion.

Conservatives everywhere will be able to relate to McGraw in this situation, as by now we’ve all been in situations where a hateful leftist has tried to back us into a corner and force us to admit that their views are the correct ones. McGraw handled this interview with class and dignity, and it’s refreshing to see someone like Maher get schooled on his own show!

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