undertaker not reviving gimmick
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Though it is one of the most beloved characters in WWE history, The Undertaker is not reviving one gimmick anymore. Plus, one Superstar receives death threats on a particularly sad anniversary.

Undertaker Not Reviving Gimmick

Though fans loved to see it, The Undertaker is not reviving one gimmick ever again.

Specifically, The Undertaker is not reviving the Dead Man.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, The Undertaker discussed how that gimmick was effectively retired.

The Dead Man’s last actual match happened with the cinematic Bone Yard match against AJ Styles during the pandemic. 

As far as pre-recorded, movie magic matches? It was far better than anyone likely expected it to be.

Following that match, the last we saw of The Undertaker was at Survivor Series, which was basically his curtain call and “the end”.

Most recently, The Undertaker was back for RAW is XXX, having a special moment with Bray Wyatt.

undertaker not reviving gimmick

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

However, that was not the Dead Man, but rather we saw the return of the biker ‘Taker gimmick.

According to the Hall of Famer, he will not be reviving the Dead Man gimmick in the future.

Now, this does beg the question-will we simply not see him much on nostalgia shows? 

Or, would he lean on the biker gimmick, or perhaps just show up as himself?

These are all safe to wonder, since it is WrestleMania season. And. for most of WrestleMania’s history, you couldn’t have that show without The Undertaker.

Though it still feels weird to not see him on the card, it’s also nice to see that the show can go on.

Superstar Received Death Threats

In some scarier news, one Superstar noted he’s received death threats…and the timing of things will explain things.

Not explaining the horrendous actions, just the timing of them, to be clear.

undertaker not reviving gimmick

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Here’s the report, straight from the Superstar himself, Ridge Holland:

Why is Ridge Holland receiving death threats? 

Well, the why is because some people are way too unhinged. And because social media brings out the worst in some people.

Why now? Because we just passed the one year anniversary of Big E breaking his neck during a move delivered by Ridge.

It is a sad state of things for those people, when you consider that Ridge immediately showed remorse and Big E and he have long since proven to be good with one another.

Yes, it was a botch. Accidents happen every night a wrestling show is put on. 

Thankfully, most botches do not result in severe neck injuries or worse. But sometimes they do, and every performer knows the risks-even if they are so rare some take that for granted.

Still, there is no reason for any Superstar to be getting death threats…especially when you consider that he’s owned his actions, and the one person impacted by them the most has forgiven him.

Like, if one didn’t own up, or the victim wasn’t forgiving? You’d understand a build up of animosity.

While we all want Big E back, and wish he’d never been injured like that in the first place…we can’t wish harm on someone like that.

More important, since we’ve passed the one year anniversary of the injury, that is a big milestone for Big E.

Doctors had previously noted that they would not evaluate him for a return to the ring until a year had passed following the initial trauma.

Now, we just wait…

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