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The Hollywood star Sharon Stone could not help but break down on Thursday night as she admitted that she “lost half” her money to a bad “banking thing.” This comes one week after the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, “marking the second-largest bank failure in US history.”

Stone Accepts Courage Award

Mediaite reported that Stone made this revelation while accepting the Courage Award at Thursday night’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund gala.

“I brought a couple of notes tonight,” Stone said at the start of her speech. “I usually just speak off the cuff because, as you well know, I don’t give a shit.”

Stone went on to praise the organization and urge those in the room to donate more. 

“The people that stood up tonight, right there, they’re worth more than you gave. And you know it. The ones that stood up, that lost people that they love, they’re worth more than you gave. And you know it. And I am standing here because I expect you to show it and I mean it,” Stone said as she fought back tears. 

“And I know that that thing that you have to get on and figure out and text the money is difficult,” she added. “I’m a technical idiot, but I can write a f***ing check.”

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Stone Breaks Down

Stone then began to cry as she revealed her own financial struggles. 

“And right now that’s courage too, because I know what’s happening. I just lost half my money to this banking thing. And that doesn’t mean that I’m not here,” she confessed. “My brother just died. And that doesn’t mean that I’m not here.”

“This is not an easy time for any of us,” she concluded. “This is a hard time in the world, but I’m telling you what, I’m not having some politician tell me what I can and cannot do and what the value of my life is and is not. So stand up. Stand up and say what you’re worth. I dare you. That’s what courage is.”

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Stone’s Brother Passes Away

Stone’s brother Patrick Stone died last month at the age of 57 less than two years after his son River died at 11 months of “total organ failure,” according to People Magazine

“We did lose my brother Patrick Joseph Stone to a heart attack yesterday,” Stone said through tears as she confirmed his death in an Instagram video. “… Like any family, we thank you for your love and support in this time of immeasurable grief and we appreciate all of your condolences.”

“Yes, we’ve had a tremendous amount of loss in these last couple of years, as so many of you also have,” she continued. “And we do greatly understand that the losses are ours here on Earth, and I thank you very much for the love and support that you’re showing us, and we just ask you to continue to be kind. Thank you.”

This is clearly a very difficult time for Stone both personally and financially. In the end, the Courage Award might be exactly what she needs right now, and please join us in saying a prayer for her as she continues to try to deal with her various tragedies.