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The Hollywood star Sharon Stone made a truly heartbreaking revelation this week, as she revealed that she “lost nine children” through miscarriages.

‘I Lost Nine Children By Miscarriage’

Stone, 64, commented on a People Magazine Instagram post about the “Dancing With The Stars” pro Peta Murgatroyd revealing that she suffered a miscarriage while her husband Maks Chmerkovskiy was in Ukraine. 

“We, as females don’t have a forum to discuss the profundity of this loss. I lost nine children by miscarriage,” commented Stone, who is the mother of three sons through adoption: Quinn Kelly, Laird Vonne, and Roan Joseph.

“It is no small thing, physically nor emotionally yet we are made to feel it is something to bear alone and secretly with some kind of sense of failure,” the 64 year-old Basic Instinct star added. “Instead of receiving the much needed compassion and empathy and healing which we so need. Female health and wellness left to the care of the male ideology has become lax at best, ignorant in fact, and violently oppressive in effort.”

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Stone’s Previous Comments About Miscarriages

Page Six reported that Stone has previously said that her miscarriages were caused by autoimmune disease and endometriosis.

“When I lost my last baby, I went through 36 hours of labor without giving birth,” Stone wrote in a memoir released last year. “The nurses even stayed on their day off with me. Without her I would have been alone.”

Stone went on to praise her “global sisterhood,” sharing her relief over the ability to “speak openly” about her fertility issues. 

“We’re not carrying the water anymore,” Stone said, according to CNN. “We are not carrying shame that doesn’t belong to us. We are letting it out.”

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Murgatroyd’s Miscarriages 

Murgatroyd revealed in an interview that she suffered her third miscarriage while her husband was in Ukraine.

“I was completely embarrassed, ultimately ashamed. I didn’t even know how to utter the words and have that sentence come out of my mouth: I had a miscarriage,” Murgatroyd, 35, recalled of her first miscarriage.

“I’m somebody who prides herself on health wellness,” she added. “I exercise every single day. But as I came to realize, that doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with the reproductive system.”

Chmerkovskiy said he felt “helpless” being out of the country while his wife was miscarrying.

“It was crazy,” Chmerkovskiy told People Magazine. “It makes you feel helpless. And for a dude like me, like all my priorities have completely shifted.”

“I think the darkest part is when the person you are in love with calls you and she says that she had a miscarriage in the bathroom, that’s as dark as it can get,” he added.

‘Look How Blessed We Are’

Chmerkovskiy went on to say that it was strength and positivity that got his family through these struggles. 

“Look how blessed we are,” he said. “You got to be so strong as a couple and so strong as people. We are. I think I can surmise in my head this entire experience is very telling and revealing of who we are as a couple.”

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a child, and no woman should ever have to go through a miscarriage. Our heart goes out to Stone, Murgatroyd, and every other woman that has been put through this horrific experience. 

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