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Megyn Kelly eviscerated Meghan Markle this week, claiming that the former actress “pimped out” Prince Harry after learning that he didn’t have as much money as she thought he did. 

Markle ‘Disappointed’ By Harry’s Financial Situation 

Kelly was responding to allegations made by royal expert Tom Bower, who claimed that Markle was “surprised and disappointed” to learn that Harry “had very little money.”

“She had imagined he would be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, and she is having to make up for it now,” Bower said, according to Daily Mail. “She wants to ride in the big Cadillacs, the private jets on command. At the moment she needs to scrounge for those sorts of things.”

This didn’t sit well with Kelly, who told Sky News that Markle wound up with a “prince who’s a pauper.”

“He’s got fame and he gave her that for sure, she’s now a household name when she wasn’t…but he doesn’t have any money,” she explained.

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Markle ‘Pimped Him Out’

Kelly went on to say that this is why Markle made Harry write his memoir “Spare,” in which he threw his own family. under the bus many times.

“It all makes sense how she’s pimped him out to write the memoir… she needed that money – they got a $20 million advance on Spare,” she said. “And she’s crying all the way to the bank now because they’ve got that, they’ve got the $100 million Netflix deal, they’ve got a $50 million Spotify deal.”

However, Kelly does not believe that Markle will be staying with Harry once they start to run out of money, predicting that she’ll “try to trade up in five years or under.”

“You mark my words she’s going to blow through that in about two years in Montecito, one of the most expensive communities in America,” she said. “She’s going to try to trade up for some American hedge-funder billionaire what-have-you, who can keep her in the true manner in which she would like to become accustomed.”

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Kelly Slams Markle And Harry As ‘Selfish Brats’

This comes days after Kelly slammed Markle and Harry as “selfish brats” who can’t expect to “control the narrative,” as they’ve tried to do with their docuseries and book. 

“‘We just wanted to control our narrative’. Well, you’re public figures, you don’t get to! Shut up! You think Joe Biden would like control his public narrative?” Kelly said, according to The Mirror.

“Get over it! You don’t get to do that,” she added. “Once you become a public figure, it’s fair game for us to comment on you. And guess what else? It doesn’t always tend to be laudatory, especially when you’re selfish brats like the two of you.”

Kelly went on to say that Markle and Harry can only blame themselves for “airing their dirty laundry,” and in the process exposing themselves to “our worst suspicions than ones we conjured up in our heads.”

The former Fox News host then mentioned the show “South Park” recently mocking Markle and Harry for their attention-seeking ways, saying that the show “saw through every veneer that this phoney pair put up.”

Kelly has long been one of the few people in the American media who is not afraid to call out Markle and Harry for their nonsense. Many will certainly agree with her assessment of what Markle is doing to Harry, and it remains to be seen if the royal will ever wake up and see it himself. 

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