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Months after turning 80, the radically liberal comedian Joy Behar has admitted that she’s gotten lots of plastic surgery over the years.

Behar Admits To Getting Plastic Surgery

The Sun reported that on Wednesday morning’s episode of “The View,” Behar and her fellow co-hosts were discussing the reality television star Blac Chyna removing the plastic surgery fillers from her face. Unsurprisingly, Behar wasted no time in making the segment all about herself. 

“Just yesterday I had fillers and the other shots and something called clear and brilliant,” Behar confessed. “How do you think I look so good for 115 years old?”

“Yesterday, they did a (procedure) which puts collagen back into your face,” she continued while pointing to her cheeks and forehead. “And they did, this, and this. Fabulous!”

Co-host Sunny Hostin, 54, proceeded to make her own plastic surgery admission.

“I had some Botox yesterday also,” she said. “It works.” 

Check out this full segment in the video below. 

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Plastic Surgeon Speaks Out

This comes after the plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich publicly guessed that Behar had gone under the knife.

“Joy has had all those three areas that are typically done, but I think that she’s had the maximum,” Dr. Westreich recently told The Sun.

“Older people tend to get more Botox since they have more wrinkles and they are fine without moving if it means they are smooth,” he added. “Joy has done pretty much everything.”

Dr. Westreich also said that he believes that most of the co-hosts of “The View” have had plastic surgery done.

“I think most of them are basically fully Botoxed,” he said. “Honestly, at this point, I don’t feel like there’s a single person in America who hasn’t had or tried Botox. There’s just no point in pretending anymore.”

“The only exception is Whoopi Goldberg, who probably hasn’t had any,” he continued. “I’m looking at Whoopi on a video, and I don’t really see any movement restrictions on her face. That’s different from the other presenters and so I think she’s the only clean one. The presenters who have had heavier Botox and getting 50 units could be spending $1,200 a time.”

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Behar Turns 80

Behar was one of the original hosts of “The View” when it premiered back in 1997, and though she was fired in 2013, she was brought back two years later and has remained on the show ever since. She celebrated her 80th birthday in October of last year, but despite this, she has “no plans” to retire. 

“I just signed a contract so I’ll be here for a while,” Behar told People Magazine around the time of her birthday. “I have no plans to retire.”

“It’s really, you know, something that is an important show in many ways,” she went on to say of the ABC talk show. “Sometimes I don’t believe that, as I’ve been here since the beginning, but we’re the most-watched show in daytime. Most-watched! I’m happy to be a part of it. So no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m having a good time.”

If anyone needs plastic surgery, it’s Joy Behar. We pity whoever her plastic surgeon is, because it must be quite a feat to try to make her look good! 

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